Thursday, March 6, 2008


Another of our children just had a birthday. Our fifth child (Shane) just turned 14. How can that be possible? That’s just one year from a learners permit. THAT’S REALLY SCARY!!!!! It seems like just yesterday that our first child was born. It is very true, “They don’t stay young for long!” I think Shane has found his gift though. It’s MUSIC.

Our children haven’t really had a chance in this category. Sheryl plays piano very well and gives lessons. She can sing very well too though she’s reluctant to admit this. Shane too, has a wonderful voice. Each of our children has demonstrated perfect pitch from the time they were very small.

I’ll never forget the time we were driving to church and as we did quite often, we were singing. I’m not sure who all was singing the melody and who was singing harmony at the time but I do remember looking at Sheryl at the time and saying, “Listen!” We were hearing a third part coming from the youngest member of the family of the time. Cody, at the whopping age of 3 was singing tenor. No one had taught him that, he just heard it and sang it. Each of our children has been this way and Shane’s no exception.

Music is a part of our lives in the Petersen family. As I write, I’m listening to praise music. As I said before, “Shane is gifted in music.” Not only can he sing well but he loves playing the guitar. He has taken that ear for music and the coordination that he has developed playing Guitar Hero and put them together on the guitar. He picks up chords and licks quicker than most anyone I’ve ever known. I’ve played guitar since I was 12 and Shane has learned as much as I did in 25 years in the first 2 years he has played.

I praise God for this gift he has given Shane, and I’m looking forward to hearing and watching him develop this talent in the next few years. Oh, Shane’s still a young 14 year old. He’s been known to get in trouble in music class because he would rather use that wonderful voice for talking than singing. As he grows older, I know (or at least I pray) he’ll begin to make wiser choices. But for now, he’s still a little 14 year old learning to use a gift. What a blessing.


miranda said...

I have to laugh again that I needed to call you and remind you of how many children you have...:), but I appreciate the blog about Shane and the way that is kinda followed something that I had written too :).thanks again for sharing. I love reading your blog, especially when I don't have much time to call you. Love you daddy.

miranda said...

yep...another reminder :)