Monday, September 28, 2009

Last week I picked up a virus on Face Book. This particular virus was attached to a message I received from a very trusted relative, and she had no idea that she was sending it. You see, the same virus had attached to her Face Book and was sending things to all the friends she had on her list. When I opened one of those, it attached to my Face Book and began doing the same.

It made me think, "Isn't that the way Satan works?" He loves to mess up our communication with each other, and take what is well meaning and good and turn it into frustration and hardship. Often times this happens when we are not even aware that it is happening. He may hurt many people down the line without your even knowing it.

When those messages began going out to my friends, I began to get messages back, some of them stating, "That didn't sound like you, so I ignored it." Praise God!!!!! That stopped the virus for that person. We should do the same in the church. When you here something that's being passed on about another, ignore it and tell the one who passed it to you, that they should do the same. If it's something that causes concern, contact the individual it is about, and make sure it's not true. Then if you find that it is true, in love, help them deal with the situation.

But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. 1 Timothy 1:5