Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Amazing Body

I’m amazed again. This time at the structure that makes up the rib cage. Did you know that the true ribs (located on the upper part of the rib cage and attached to the sternum) of a pitcher, can withstand the force of a softball hit on a line drive, by a 200 lb. (estimated, maybe more) man, when impacted from the front. It’s true. The ball just bounces off. Of course, it leaves a mark, about the size of a softball, almost instantaneously. You can’t breathe for a bit, but you can still move well enough to grab the ball and make the throw to get the runner out at first. I was really glad that it wasn’t hit 8 inches higher. My teeth aren’t in the greatest of shape already. That would have really made a mess. I couldn’t see it coming until it was about 3 feet in front of me because the sun was in my eyes. By that time, it was too late to move. That was Monday. This is Wednesday, and I’m feeling great. A little tender where the bruise is, but that’s it. When God put us together, He sure knew what he was doing. Is it any wonder that Paul compares the church to the body? (1 Cor. 12) You know, come to think of it, sometimes the body of Christ takes a blow in the chest from a line drive hit by Satan. Often times, we don’t even see it coming. But don’t you worry. God made this body too. It’s stronger than anything Satan can throw our way. He truly is amazing. I Love you Lord!!!!


miranda said...

Oh my goodness... dad... I need to talk to you more... that is crazy. I'm glad you are ok. But what a great way to put it into words about the body. :)... I'm still just glad your ok... oh, and thanks for blogging again... see I had no idea that happened to you until you posted it... I'm sure there must be more you could say on here... let's see tomorrow..? Nah, probably not... unless you add it to a list that is :)

SCoop said...

That would have made a great devotion for September. :)