Monday, September 17, 2007

Why the blog?

Hello All,
I have found it a joy to write about thoughts that God has placed on my heart as I walk through life with him. Some have expressed interest in reading about those thoughts, so I will attempt to share them with you in this blog. I pray you will find them interesting, thought provoking and maybe even challenging at times. I pray you will always weigh what I say with the scripture as you should with anything you read or hear. Thank you for taking a few moments to stroll through life with me.

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ramandajoy said...

you have done a great job so far with this blog. I know I am one of many that has always enjoyed reading them. You know that I prefer when they are personal or from your day to day experiences. But I also wanted you to know that I always read them even if they are just something passed on from someone else. I am so proud of all you have acomplished in your life so far, and I know He's not finished with you yet. I love you very much.